How can I eat to stay in shape

If you just want to keep fit, how to eat?

Eat slowly

People would realize satiety after they are full , so you must eat slowly. The most critical is 5 minutes before eating, often devour. Dine in the elegant public spaces, holds the magazine or newspaper and watch eating would be useful.

What to eat?
Choose low-fat food. Such as: low-fat varieties of milk, salad dressings, desserts, nuts and packaged food in low-fat.
Choose the trendy cooking oils, such as olive oil, corn oil. Steaming instead of frying fry cooking use more, so that you can taste the delicious food flavor, you can also create open smoke-free kitchen.
Sugar-free drinks. A cola equal to eat a bowl of rice, and drinks no satiety, and easy to give the illusion that nothing to eat. If you really can not stand the insipid, the choice of new sweetener without calories.
The sense of smell only hungry. New research shows that the smell of food to allow the brain to produce the food has been eaten, so standing at home, fragrant foods such as pineapple, etc., often smell it will be miraculous.
Eat fresh food. Synthetic and processed foods tend to add too much flavoring, some ingredients will increase the metabolic burden, so should choose the same type of food such as botanical slimming soft gel, fresh food. For example, to give up fries select fresh potatoes.
Salt restriction. Excess salt intake will not only damage your health but also increased food intake.

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