Does Liposuction Hold The Cure For Axillary Hyperhidrosis?

Is it really possible that there is at last a cure for Hyperhidrosis? Absolutely! And not just a temporary fix, or a long-term remedy, we’re talking a real cure. And oddly enough that cure has been brought about by a modification of a liposuction procedure.
Liposuction has been around for many years, but in the last few years a newer liposuction procedure called Vaser lipo has become the favorite of cosmetic surgeons. Vaser is a different, more advanced type of liposuction; as unlike early versions of the liposuction procedure, Vaser lipo uses ultrasound technology to selectively differentiate between the different tissues, so that only the tissue your surgeon wants to treat is actually targeted and removed.
Because of this level of selectivity, surgeons were able to consider working on the under arm area with its abundance of lymph nodes, blood vessels and nerve endings. The Vaser lipo technology meant that a cosmetic surgeon could no selectively target the sweat glands beneath the skin and remove them, but leaving the other structures and tissues relatively intact.
For axillary hyperhidrosis sufferers, this is news they’ve long been waiting for. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you know that everything you’ve tried has provided you with only limited effective relief. No amount of cleansing, spraying, wiping and swiping was going to stop you from perspiring – it’s what a body does, and some bodies do it just a little too well.
Vaser lipo is a relatively simple procedure. It only takes about an hour, and when it’s finished you usually experience only slight discomfort (which an analgesic can effectively fix) and an immediate improvement. The objective of the VASER lipo excessive sweating procedure is not to remove all of the sweat glands as that could cause other problems, but it does remove enough that you should see a significant difference right away.
Not everyone is suitable for this procedure. Your medical history and any medications you are taking will have to be taken into consideration by your Vaser lipo surgeon. Most Vaser clinics offer free consultations so you can discuss your suitability for this procedure and address any concerns you may have with a Vaser qualified surgeon. Make sure you ask as many questions as you want at the consultation stage. Put your questions down on paper before you attend for your consultation so you don’t forget anything. So the rumors ARE true – at last there is a cure for Axillary Hyperhidrosis.

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